Found Critical Acclaim Trailer

Interview with Ethan Philbeck (Steve)

Interview with Todd Rigney (Author/Co-Screenwriter)

Interview with Gavin Brown (Marty)

Finding Found: Interview with Scott Schirmer

Leading at Twelve: Working with Gavin Brown

Making the Movies-within-the-Movie: Headless & Deep Dwellers

The Elvira’s Horror Hunt Experience

Elvira’s Horror Hunt: Vista Theatre Introduction

Toronto After Dark – Found  Q&A

Toronto After Dark – Found Intro

Elvira’s Horror Hunt on The Daily Freakshow

Found Animated Title Sequence by Lowell Isaac

Gag Reel

Found at the Eerie Horror Film Festival

Scott Schirmer: Found Influences

Post Q&A at the Nevermore Film Festival 2013

Post Q&A at the Phoenix Film Festival 2013

Found Teaser Trailer

Interview with Arthur Cullipher (Special Effects/Deep Dweller Monster)

The Tale o’ the Boob: Arthur Cullipher Discusses a Deleted Scene

Horror Films Panel Discussion at Phoenix Film Festival

Leya Taylor in Filmmaking Q&A at Phoenix Film Festival

Bing Satellites Introducing Found in Brussels

Favorite Horror Movies with the Makers of Found

IndieHorror.TV Director’s Chat with Scott Schirmer

NYC Horror Film Festival Interview with Scott Schirmer & Leya Taylor

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