Indie Film Con at I.U. Cinema

Found screened Friday, June 7th, at the Indiana University Cinema in Bloomington, Indiana. The screening was part of the weekend-long inaugural Independent Filmmakers Convention. This marked the first DCP (digital cinepak) 2K resolution projection of Found in a THX-certified venue, thanks to the generous support of Chris Eller, senior system analyst at IU’s adanced visualization lab, and Jon Vickers, director of the IU Cinema. In addition to the screening, Scott Schirmer and Leya Taylor also moderated a roundtable discussion of indie horror film making at the convention.


Indie Film Con organizer Chris Eller and director Scott Schirmer introduce “Found” at the I.U. Cinema.


Actress Phyllis Munro with son Sam at the I.U. Cinema screening of “Found”.


Actor Gavin Brown with friend Jordan at the Indie Film Con screening of “Found” at the I.U. Cinema.

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