Monster Pictures distributing ‘Found’ in Australia and UK!

Found UKFound has been picked up by Monster Pictures for distribution on DVD and Video-on-Demand in Australia and the United Kingdom! The DVD will be released in Australia on September 17th and in the U.K. on October 13th. Special features will include the 35-minute documentary, “The Making of Found,” two audio commentaries with the cast and crew, the full “Deep Dwellers” short film, and a gag reel. The UK edition is already available for pre-order at

On May 21st, the Australian Classification Board banned Found from public retail in its original, unedited form. You can read all about what will be censored in the Australian release here. Monster Pictures is making the required changes to the film and plans to resubmit the film for government classification in time for the September 17th release date.

For more information, you can also read: Another One Bites the Dust – Found Refused Classification at the Monster Pictures website.

In the United Kingdom, the censors have not yet made a decision about the movie.

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