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Gavin Brown (Marty)

Gavin Brown attends high school in Bloomington, Indiana.  Since making his acting debut in Found, Gavin has also been cast as the lead in Above the Fruited Plain (expected release 2015).  When he’s not in school or acting, Gavin enjoys mountain biking, long boarding, lacrosse and making music – and hanging out with friends. [See Gavin’s IMDb page for more.]


Ethan Philbeck (Steve)

Ethan Philbeck has performed in many stage productions with the Cardinal Stage Company in Bloomington, Indiana, including The Grapes of Wrath, A Christmas Carol, My Fair Lady, Annie, and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.  He also donned the role of the Duck in Click Clack Moo and worked behind-the-scenes as a co-stage manager for The Lonesome West and assistant stage manager for A Year with Frog and Toad.


Phyllis Munro (Mom)

Phyllis Munro has previously appeared in Contrition (2012), Lewis (2010), and Babbling Banshee (2008).   Phyllis participates in Community Theater, both as an actor and a stage manager, and attends acting class at GJC Talent.  She will next be seen in Zack Parker’s Proxy. [See Phyllis’ IMDb page for more.]


Louie Lawless (Dad)

Louie Lawless has appeared in several Midwest-based film productions, including Hermetica, Nothing to Declare, Don’t See It Alone, My Bloody Wedding, Tow, Scorned, and F.L.O.S.T (F*ckload of Scotch Tape).  Passionate about the collaborative nature of film, Louie also participates in Indianapolis’ annual 48-Hour Film Project. [See Louie’s IMDb page for more.]




Scott Schirmer (Director/Co-Screenwriter/Editor)

Scott Schirmer studied film and sociology at Indiana University, where he received grants for film making and achievement in video art. He currently works as a commercial video producer and editor.  His writing and directing credits include the short films Boy in the Making, Three Animals One Stuffed, House of Hope and Off the Beaten Path.  In 2006, his supernatural drama The Day Joe Left became a top ten finalist in Triggerstreet’s online short film festival.  Found is his first feature film. For more about Scott, visit


Leya Taylor (Producer/Director of Photography)

Leya Taylor is a videographer and editor based in Bloomington, Indiana.  She studied Cinema and Literature at Indiana University and has production-managed numerous independent films, including Roses: A Goremance and Lewis.  Leya wrote and starred in the highly successful Guignol play, Bloomington After Midnight and is a co-producer for the online horror host program, Atomic Age Cinema!  She is also one of the principal organizers of the Dark Carnival Film Festival.


Damien Wesner (Producer)

Damien Wesner has worked with Scott Schirmer on several films, including House of Hope, Off the Beaten Path, and The Day Joe Left.  As a jack of all trades, he has produced, production managed, operated camera, and recorded sound.  He has a beautiful dog named Buffy.


Todd Rigney (Author)

Todd is a staff writer for WebProNews and contributing blogger for BeyondHollywood.  In Addition to Found, Todd is also the author of the horror anthology, Twelve Stories Concerning Love and Death.  At present, he enjoys terrible movies, weird 90’s industrial music, and collecting dusty VHS tapes.  He’s 34, married, and very pale.


Arthur Cullipher (Associate Producer/Special Effects)

Arthur Cullipher is the owner of the Clockwerk Creature Company, a full service shop that offers a wide range of practical effects, including make-up and appliances, masks, props, creature animatronics, and full body suits.  Arthur is a graduate of the Joe Blasco School in Orlando, Florida, where he studied advanced make-up effects and prosthetics.  He has more than 10 years of practical experience and has provided special effects for dozens of projects.  His directorial efforts include the cult shorts Come, Roses: A Goremance, and The Adipocere Child.


Shane Beasley (Associate Producer/Special Effects)

Shane Beasley is an illustrator, lighting technician, actor, musician, and special makeup effects artist based in Bloomington, Indiana.  He works regularly with the Clockwerk Creature Company and is currently working on a series of masks for an upcoming Bloomington parade.  In addition to producing and helping with special effects on Found, Shane also appears as the sadistic ‘Headless’ Killer.


For complete cast and crew listing, visit Found at IMDb.

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